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Stopping Other People Using Your WiFi

One of the main challenges working from home is making sure you have a quick internet connection. Now, with more people starting to work remotely, you need to get the best from your WiFi at home. Avoiding lag from hackers and high internet usage at home are modern-day problems. Here are some tips on how you can stop other people using your WiFi at home, and help you stay productive.

Throw Some Salt on The Internet Leeches

An internet hacker or “leecher” can access your internet if they are in WiFi range. The easiest way to check if somebody is leeching is to watch the lights on your router. Then turn everything off that is working on the internet. This includes mobiles, smart TVs and tablets. If the lights are still flashing, you might have somebody leeching.

The good news is, you can stop them by changing the password for your router via the web portal. You can find it by searching on Google. Search for the default admin password for your internet service provider. You will receive the Address, Account Name and Password.

Address: (type this into your web browser)

Account: Admin

Password: XXXX

Enter the address into your web browser, then the Account name and password. When you log in, go to a tab marked security or wireless and you will find the password field (or WPA Shared Key). This section is where you can update your new password. Remember to take a note of the new password.

Check Your Firewall

Most routers come with an in-built firewall. But sometimes when you first get them, the firewall is not active. So, it is best to check it is on. If it does not have one, place a firewall on your computer to give yourself some extra security.

Ask Your Family To Stop

Your family might be using the internet for gaming, watching Netflix and YouTube. This usage can affect your speed, and the internet can “lag”. Politely ask your family to curb their internet usage during your working hours. They will be more than happy to oblige if you explain it is affecting your work.

Manage Your Bandwidth

As more people work from home, there will be a reduction in speed and dropouts. You could check your bandwidth with you internet service provider. They might be able to give you some more for free. Additionally, many routers now have QoS (Quality of Service). You can use this to give different applications priority. This service can help you place your work above everything else.


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