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Coaching Packages

Please select the package of support that you feel you need the most.

Maurice Sardison Life Coaching Package



This package covers all the areas I can support you with.


Work Life Balance | Life Guidance | Financial Forecasting

Communication Skills | Public Speaking | Starting a Business | Leadership

Money Management | Staying Motivated | Finding Happiness

Stress Reduction | Health & Well-being | Dating | Relationships

Building Confidence | Goal Setting | Improving Your Productivity

Raising Money | Personal Development | Boosting Your Performance 

Maximising Your Potential | Fitness | Discipline | Time Management

Organisation Skills | Sense of Purpose | Taking Action | Gaining Clarity Overcoming Procrastination | Career Planning | Finance Advice

Maurice Sardison Property Coaching Package



This package covers all the areas I can support you with.


Understanding Investment Property | Investment Strategies

Sourcing Property | Understanding Property Finance | Asset Leveraging

Portfolio Growing | Buying Properties in Under 60 Days | Buy-To-Let Finance

Bridging Finance | Development Finance | Commercial Investment Finance

Commercial Mortgage Finance | Development Finance | and Much More

Maurice Sardison Finance Coaching Package



Finance Advice | Understanding the Range of Finance Available

How To Raise Finance from £10,000 to £10 million

Smart Money Management | Introduction To Lenders

Credit Rating Improvement | Savings Builder

Income & Expenditure Review | Useful Templates and Tools

Delphi Rating Review | and Much More

This package covers all the areas I can support you with.


Empower yourself to leave your comfort zone. Lack of confidence can be a huge factor in our unhappiness. By increasing your confidence you will be better equipped to make decisions, stretch yourself and seek out the opportunities to achieve your goals.


I can give you the tools you need to explore your inner self and work out who you really are. Being more self-aware empowers you to build better relationships, identify what matters to you and understand your values. By re-evaluating yourself you can create a more fulfilling life.


We often get so bogged down in trying to live up to the expectations of others, that we forget to think about what we actually want. I can help you regain your sense of purpose and empower you to redefine your route in life, overcome the obstacles and come up with solutions that work best for you.

What my clients say...

“My session with Maurice were truly eye opening and he helped me to focus on my goals and dreams.” 


—  Bianca, Fashion Designer

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